Fairy / Miniature World

This simple fairy garden is easy to make with "itty bitty" plants and even a festive shamrock plant.  Miniature gardening is very trendy and popular-- plus they are easy to maintain.  
Miniature Garden tips:
  • Start with a good potting soil, we recommend several different types, but Espoma potting soil is an all natural soil that will help keep your plants healthy and thriving.  
  • Choose smaller houseplants (itty bitty or succulents) that will grow slow so that you don't have to transplant for several months.  
  • Select containers with a drain hole to keep soil from getting too wet;
  • Check for water daily and use a small nozzle watering can;
  • Select fun miniature items such as a bench, wooden chairs, a colorful fairy house and other items that will brighten up your garden;
  • Add small, natural stones for a path or walkway;
  • Light up your garden with small micro lights;
  • Keep your miniature garden inside and then when the weather warms, enjoy it on your patio (keep in mind, most houseplants are not full sun friendly).
People of all ages can enjoy creating a miniature garden.  Grandparents and grandchildren have a common interest and can spend quality time together creating the perfect garden.  Miniature items like a wheelbarrow or red wagon often remind us of wonderful, childhood memories.   Personalizing your garden with a miniature cat or dog often reminds us of our favorite furry friends.
Remember, gardening is therapeutic and often rewarding.  Follow our garden tips and we'll help you grow!