Smart Pots

If you have never heard of Smart Pots, then I will tell you a little about them.  In 1980, a tree farmer had the idea to sew together containers from fabric. He hoped to make his trees easier to harvest. Little did he know he had just started a whole new way to grow trees and plants of all kinds. These fabric pots would later become known as Smart Pots and a revolution to the growing industry.

That tree farmer was Ralph Reiger, raising his trees near Guthrie, Oklahoma. He thought the fabric bags might hold the plant’s root structures more intact. And just a few short years later, in 1982 and 1983 Ralph was greatly surprised. Not only were the trees easier to harvest, and the roots held intact, but the roots had pruned from being in the bag! Eureka!

Smart Pots are so fantastic that all ages can use them.  I highly recommend to our older clients, they are easier for them to set up rather than digging in the dirt.  Smart Pots have so many sizes available:  1,2,3 gallon size –even up to 1,000 gallon!  If you are living at an apartment or condo, these smaller containers will be perfect for you.  I mostly use the 7 gallon and 10 gallon for tomatoes and peppers.