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Meet Stacy Pandy

Stacy Pandy’s walk down the garden path started 25 years ago, when she quit her office job to work at her, then boyfriend’s family garden center.  She started being creative with container gardening as well as floral and Christmas design.  Her passion for plants has grown ever since.  She enjoys teaching easy, modern gardening methods while having fun at the same time.  Stacy is married to J.R. Pandy and is the mother of two sons, Michael & Justin.

Stacy’s parents are avid flower and garden lovers, her father helped her plant her very first garden over 20 years ago, and now she teaches him new techniques. 

Stacy began Hope Is Growing as tribute to her late grandfather,Michael Brensy.  He enjoyed gardening, doing laundry and sitting at the beach during an evening sunset.  It was difficult watching him suffer through his final days with cancer, his love for flowers and gardening will always be remembered.

Hope Is Growing wants to provide happiness and joy, as well as, teach people that gardening can be fun and rewarding.  Stacy believes that giving someone an unexpected gift during a difficult time helps to brighten their day.  If you have a friend in need, please visit our website to learn more about our “survivor garden” garden gift box program


Stacy Pandy

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